25+ Stunning Short Layered Haircuts Ideas

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Some girls and women don’t like long hairs and they preferred short layered haircuts to look more beautiful and fresh. So you can go to your stylist and you may end up with a haircut that does not suit your needs and there is no longer any return possible.

Short Layered Haircuts Names with Images:

So we are sharing here 25+ short layered haircuts names with images so you can choose the best haircut for your face.

Short layered haircuts include the bob cut, bob carriage, mob, lob, and the short pixie cut. Girls used longer hairstyles in the 1930s and 40s but short hair returned when Audrey Hepburn wore a pixie hairstyle in the 1953 Rome film.

The short layered haircut was very popular in the early 60s. And It became popular in the 1990s and continues to do so. There were also other styles like short shifts.

1: Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Cut

blonde pixie cut 2020-2022, short haircut highlights, short haircut thick hair, short haircuts for little girls
blonde pixie cut Short layered haircuts 2020
Source: Boho House Salon.

Blonde Pixie Cut – If you are looking for a change, choose this style. It is best to color hair and make a short pixie cut. One side is shorter than the other and it works. The new hairstyle can be a unique experience, but when you are looking for drastic changes and your hair is dyed, you feel better. Enjoy your makeover with pixels and blonde colors.

2: Burgundy Curls Pixie Cut

short haircut highlights, short haircut curls
short haircut for women short haircut curls
Source: Boho House Salon.

3: Long Bang Layered Purplish hairstyle

long bang layered
long bang layered with purplish ombre.
Source: Boho House Salon.

This Purplish color is lovely and awesome for short hairs as well as for long hairs. This purple hairstyle is basically a side pixie cut with a long bang. This kind of short hairstyle is good for those who already tried other colors as well.

4: Pink Highlights in Blonde Hair

pink highlights in blonde hair, short layered haircuts
pink highlights in blonde hair Trendy.
Source: Boho House Salon.

Pink Highlights in Blonde Hair – The little blonde hair also has some pink highlights that look awesome because of it. For this beautiful hairstyle, you should cut the outline of your hair in an asymmetrical manner, leaving a short length.

Pink balayage complement blonde hair very well, especially for girls with a warm complexion. – Short layered haircuts Ideas.

5: Short Lob with Choppy Bangs

short bob with bangs, short haircut bangs, short haircut with bangs, short haircut for thick hair, short haircut for thin hair
short bob with bangs hairstyle
Source: Boho House Salon.

The First time when you start thinking about short layered haircuts. The first thing comes to mind is of a bob with bangs. And it is not surprising that this kit seems to be and will always be popular.

6: Ash Blonde with Dark Pixie Cut

ash blonde with dark brown
Ash-blonde with dark brown.
Source: Boho House Salon.

Ash Blonde with Dark Pixie Cut for those Girls who have thin hairs. Easy and Awesome for long face shape.

7: Straight Bob with Highlights

short bob with highlights
short bob with highlights.
Source: Boho House Salon.

The texture, color, and shape of this amazing bob are perfectly balanced. Sexy at night, but lightly painted for the office.

8: Short Layered with Undercut

Short Layered with Undercut. Faux haircut girls
Short Layered with Undercut. one Side haircut girls.
Source: nothing but pixies.

9: Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Asymmetrical pixie undercut with blonde
Blonde Asymmetrical pixie undercut.
Source: nothing but pixies.

There are many aspects to the bright silver-blonde colors, and the neutral pixie kit highlights the important aspects of the palette. If you use black or dark colors for the hair below, the silver colors will look beautiful.

10: Choppy Layered Short Hair

choppy layered short hair
choppy layered short hair. Pixie Cut.
Source: nothing but pixies.

Girls and women who want a short haircut have many options. A pixie cut is a good and fun option for girls and women. A choppy pixie cut will be a good choice for you if you have thin hairs.

11: Bob with Choppy Edges

Bob with Choppy edges, short haircut for girls, short haircut bob
Bob with Choppy edges
Source: Boho House Salon.

12: Wavy Brown Hairs with Curls

Curly Brown Haircut
Curly Brown Haircut.
Source: Boho House Salon.

13: Pixie Cut With Side Part

Pixie Cut With Side Part
Pixie Cut With Side Part.
Source: nothing but pixies.

14: Shaggy Pixie Cut (Short layered haircut)

Shaggy Pixie Cut Brown hairs
Shaggy Pixie Cut with Brown hairs.
Source: Boho House Salon.

15: Black Pixie Cut with Side Bang

Black Pixie Cut with Side Bang, short haircut styles, layered haircuts, layered haircut bob
Black Pixie Cut with Side Bang.
Source: Boho House Salon.

16: Hot Spiky Bang With Short Sides

Spiky Bang With Short Sides, short haircut styles, layered haircuts, layered haircut bob
Spiky Bang With Short Sides, Hot Hair Style.
Source: nothing but pixies.

17: Small Pompadour with Short Sides

Small Pompadour with Short Sides, short haircut curls, hairstyles for short haircut, short haircut hairstyles, short haircut styles for women
Small Pompadour with Short Sides
Source: Boho House Salon.

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